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Internet Business and Residual Income Are a Perfect Match

If truly want to someday quit your job and enjoy life a little more you may want to look at starting your own Internet business. To do that you should consider promoting programs that afford you the chance to create a residual income.

Let’s take a look at why an Internet business and residual income are the perfect marriage!

Residual income is something that used to only be achieved by insurance salesman and people with a lot of money to invest. With a residual income you get paid over and over for doing something one time.

Today having your own Internet business is a fantastic way to create a residual income because there are programs available online that make it easy for you to do. A couple of those include the business models of affiliate and network marketing.

With the affiliate marketing business model we are going to talk about two tier affiliate programs. As an affiliate marketer you get paid for your personal sales, but you can also get paid on the sales of affiliate marketers you recruit.

This is a good way to create a residual income because when you recruit top sales people you can get paid again and again on their efforts. At first this will require you to take some training, but eventually you can walk away and continue to earn great commissions.

You can get paid on the efforts of other network marketer several levels deep as a network marketer. This process is known as duplication and with a network marketing business you will build a distributorship of marketers below you.

You earn commissions on all of their purchases as well as sales that they are making. This is a fantastic way to leverage your time because you can have spent literally hundreds or thousands of hours building a business of your own even though you are only working a few hours every week.

The downside to creating a residual income through both affiliate marketing network marketing is you have to recruit a lot of people to find sharp individuals such as yourself. Because both of these industries are so easy to join you will get some people who are not serious that will end up wasting your time.

Therefore to create a residual income with these type of Internet businesses you will have to recruit a high number of people to end up with a handful of successful ones. Internet business and residual income do work very well together if you are willing to go through that process an.

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